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Model One - Montana $315

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8 (US)
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Model One - Montana

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8 (US)
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Product Details

Montana is a limited production run of less than 500 pairs. 


Superfine 100% Italian lamb suede sourced locally near our factory in Abruzzo. Handmade in Italy, hand-stitched and painted the traditional way. Stunning materials and craftsmanship. 

Montana features our signature zig-zag stitching.


The interior features padded neoprene and mesh for added comfort and breathability. An ortholite leather insole, with a Montana orange accent, provides cushion and support. Wearable with or without socks.

The Model One touches
48 hands before
shipping out of our factory.

Unrivaled quality.

NERA brings together the century-old tradition of Italian craftsmanship, category-leading technical design, and the highest quality materials to deliver a new footwear experience.

Steeped in legacy.

Each shoe is handmade in Abruzzo, Italy, touching 48 hands before being approved for production. The finesse our technicians bring to every sneaker concept has been refined over decades, and perfectly embodies the respect for tradition and innovation at the foundation of the NERA brand.

Designed for the road.

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